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The year has flown by and 2014 proved to be a year of turmoil and instability in a very unpredictable world.  The international media was full of reports from all corners of the globe that covered everything from danger, to disasters, to disease.  Every day was something new and there were definitely times where it seemed overwhelming.

I tried to take comfort in welcoming the predictable.  For example, I know that without fail, the first snowfall of the year will always result in a slew of emails and photos from friends and family back home.  5cm, 10cm, 1 metre – it doesn’t matter HOW much of the white stuff has fallen; it’s the fact that it’s the FIRST snowfall.  (It’s like they’ve never seen snow before!)

Living abroad for almost a decade now and over 6 years in Asia, phone conversations with my mom have also become quite predictable.  How are the kids?  What time is it there?  The fascination with the 12-hour difference has always fascinated me (and you can imagine the level of excitement when Daylight Savings hits).

It’s quirky, but consider embracing a little bit of the predictable in 2015.  It’s not just for boring people anymore and you might need that dose of comfort and stability to keep you out of the medicine cabinet.

Take a healthy shot of the holidays!  On behalf of the best read and well-loved Canadian publication in Singapore – we wish you and yours all the very best of the holidays and look forward to bringing you the news in 2015.






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