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CAS members who register/renew before October 20, will be entered into a lucky draw to win 1 of 5 prizes consisting of a $100 Brewerkz voucher. That's right! We are giving away $500 to 5 lucky CAS members. So register now.






The 2014 Canadian Thanksgiving is under our belts and I will definitely savour turkey sandwiches this week – while they last. Lucky me, I still have some Swiss Chalet sauce packets that I brought back this summer to drown my sandwiches in. Turn the aircon down to 19 degrees, brew up a Red Rose tea and it's like I'm back home watching the autumn leaves change color on a crisp Sunday afternoon.

But this is our 8th year living abroad and while our main goal is to look ahead and explore the world, we still want to stick to our roots and keep in contact with the Motherland and all the news and happenings.

A surefire way of being a "Connected Canadian" in Singapore is to join the CAS family. For a flat fee of SGD$50 ($4.10 a month), you and your family can be part of an elite group of people who use 'eh' regularly in their vocabulary.

Join us and see what all they hype is "aboot"!






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