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CAS members who register/renew before November 20th, will be entered into a lucky draw to win 1 of 5 prizes consisting of a $100 Brewerkz voucher. That's right! We are giving away $500 to 5 lucky CAS members. So register now.






Am writing this month’s message while watching Food Network Asia on the TV.   I rarely have time for TV and haven’t tuned in for a while – but how great is it to see all the amazing food shows from Canada represented ?!?

Rebel without a Kitchen just finished and it is shot in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Awesome (and a bit nostalgic) to see the shots of the island, the CNE and the skyline in general.  Tune in some time and support the cause – there are tons of shows on from Canada and one of the commercials just advertised that HGTV will be broadcast in Singapore soon.  Property Brothers here we come!

Remember November 11 this year and honor our nation’s service men and women.  It has to be the toughest job in the world and they deserve our utmost respect and recognition.  They also represent Canada all over the world and the main reason why we are acknowledged as a renowned peace-keeping nation.






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